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Landlords insurance, buy to let insurance

 (also: holiday homes and unoccupied property insurance)

Obtain quotes for buy to let insurance, landlords insurance, holiday home insurance and unoccupied property insurance. i.e. property you do not live in.

The buy to let insurance quotation is in two stages. The first is a request for you to enter the postcode of the property. Due to limitations, initially, we only require the first part (outward half) of the postcode. Once this has been entered you will be taken to the full quotation system and, as part of it, all the possible first inward numbers of the postcode will be offered - this enables the programme to work out the correct postcode area on a sufficiently accurate basis.

How to enter the postcode.

We can only offer buy to let and landlords insurance for postcodes in the UK and Northern Ireland.

At this stage you only need enter the part of the postcode to the LEFT of the space e.g. If you were looking for Darlington (DL14 7EN) - our office, you need only enter 'DL14". The landlords insurance system will ask you to confirm the number of the inward half on the next page - we do not need the last two letters to provide quotes (although we will need them in some cases if there is flooding or subsidence in the area.)

Click for your quote for landlord insurance Maximum buildings sum insured 1,000,000
Maximum contents sum insured 150,000
Click here for higher sums insured

Other Risks


Although the insurance quotation system allows you to select the postcode, some insurance providers have special terms for certain properties in flood-risk or flood plains. They apply these terms on the full postcode i.e. including the two letters. Our landlords insurance system does not automatically detect these areas, however you will be provided with a list of postcodes where flood terms may apply.


Different areas of the country have a different subsidence risk, this affects the insurance. Property built on clay, for instance, is more likely to subside during dry weather than one built on granite (although of course there may be dangers such as radon). Similarly property built above abandoned mine-shafts are more likely to subside. Again a list of full postcodes with an above-average risk of subsidence is provided on the quote. If your property already has had subsidence we would normally recommend you renew with your current insurer if they are providing cover. We can cover non-standard risks but the premiums are likely to be substantial.

Rating Factors

We endeavour to include all pertinent rating factors in our landlords insurance quotation. Most common factors are assumed e.g. the property is of standard construction (brick/ stone and slates/tiled roof) that you have had no claims - however you can amend many of the factors if necessary to obtain a more accurate quote.

Back to our main page with details of other insurance policies. Our landlords buildings insurance page is  here with more general information.

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