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Landlords Insurance: property with history of subsidence

We are able to offer insurance quotes for landlords of property that has previously undergone subsidence, but which have been repaired and a suitable surveyors report received.

  •  We cannot guarantee that damage caused by subsidence will be covered. All quotes for properties with subsidence are referred to underwriters who may exclude cover or increase the excess that will be applied should subsequent subsidence occur.
  • We have additional markets for insuring properties that have had subsidence claims. If the onlline quote isn't acceptable then please call us (01388 607140) and we can discuss your needs.

How to obtain your insurance quote.

Click for your quote for landlord insurance Maximum buildings sum insured 1,000,000
Maximum contents sum insured 150,000
Higher sums on request

Types of Tenants our landlord insurance can cover.

  • We can cover property let out to: professional lets (tenancy agreement with tenant), DSS lets (both classes) - the tenant pays the rent to the landlord or their agent, but is paid an amount to cover the costs (universal credit or paid direct to the landlord by DSS) - DSS referrals (Agreement is between landlord and DSS - but DSS have control over occupants), Asylum seekers (provided agreement is with a suitable Government approved organisation - not a charity, refugees, or students. We can also cover holiday homes in the UK - whether let out or for your own (and family) use.

  • We can provide unoccupied property insurance, whether the property is being renovated, in the process of being sold e.g. as executors following a demise, or will be let out in the future - including property undergoning renovations.

  •  Landlords with multiple properties (at least five) can insure them under our portfolio insurance policy and benefit from cheaper rates, lower administration fees and increased flexibility of administration.

Should the quote not be acceptable, we do have other options available. Please call us on 01388 607140 and we will take details to refer to our insurance suppliers.

Multi Property Landlord Insurance

For landlords owning five or mor eproperties we offer our Multi Property landlord insurance contract with reduced rates, fees and easy administration.