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Buy to let insurance

We recommend you request a call-back to discuss your needs for buy to let insurance

As Buy to let insurance brokers, we have several schemes available, but not online to cover residential and commercial property. Just select an option from the 'Houses' menu and you'll be taken to a form to request a call-back. This way we can ensure that we have the right information to provide you with the correct policy to meet your needs.

General information about buy to let insurance

Buy to let insurance is required by landlords to insure their buildings and contents. Since a normal home insurance policy is not adequate when the resident is not the owner, a buy to let insurance policy must be purchased instead. As brokers we can arrange cheap cover online no matter the tenancy agreement or type of tenants in the property.

What does buy to let insurance cover?

The main covers provided by a buy to let insurance policy are:

  • The Buildings : (the sum insured must equal the rebuilding cost, which may be more or less than the market value)
  • The Contents : (Only the landlord's contents can be covered. The tenant need to arrange cover for themselves).
  • Property owner's liability : (provided automatically with the buildings cover)
  • Loss of rent: covers loss of rent if the let property is damaged such that the tenant can't live there. Loss of rent insurance is different: it covers the landlord if the tenant is financially incapable of paying the rent.

How much does buy to let insurance cost?

Use the call-back option (above) to discuss your needs and obtain a price direct from us.

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Maximum total sum insured 3,000,000
(We can quote and insure higher sums on referral)

Key Facts | Policy Wording (2022)

We can insure any number of properties including: residential property, shops, offices and single-tenure commercial property.

Types of Tenants we can cover

Our buy to let insurance products can cover:-

  • Insurance for Professionals - tenant pays rent in full
  • Rent-assisted - agreement between landlord and tenant - rent subsidised by the DSS.
  • DSS Placement - agreement between landlord and DSS or housing association, who select the tenant.
  • Insurance for Bedsits - including cooking in rooms rather than shared cooking facilities
  • Student - property rented several students
  • Insurance for property occupied by Asylum seekers   or property occupied by refugees- i.e. those who are awaiting permission to remain in the UK. This is not available online, but complete the form and we can quote from a range of different insurance providers.
  • Unoccupied property - pending sale, renovation, to be rented out or moved into. We recommend that you request a quote since, again, we have various providers with different levels of cover.
  •  Holiday letsl  (Let for profit)
  • Holiday property i.e. second homes for the the use of the proposer or family need to be quoted for seperately.

More about the insurance policy

The online quote and buy product is produced by Pardus and the insurance is an 'A' rated company: Assistalia - based in Belgium. Quotes are available anywhere in Great Britain (contact us for Northern Ireland-based risks) and no location is barred due to theft/ storm/ flood or subsidence risk - although terms and cover will depend on the postcode.

Multi Property Landlord Insurance

Landlords owning a portfolio of multiple properties can obtain insurance quotations - there is a maximum sum insured of 3,000,000 at any one location and 10,000,000 in total. We will have to refer sums higher than 3,000,000 and source quotations from other markets for sums in excess of 10,000,000.

Example rates

There is one rate for the whole of the UK (Buildings and contents), which naturally makes the premium in the London area very competitive. e.g. a rebuilding cost of 200,000 can be insured for less than 200.000 - including accidental damage cover if the property is let with an agreement between the landlord - or their agent - and the tenant. Council, DSS or Student lets are about 10% higher.

Duty to disclose Facts under any contract of insurance

Please read this IMPORTANT NOTICE about requirements. We accept no liability for any loss that occurs due to your failure to comply.

If help or assistance is needed please use our direct line: 01388 607140 to call us and we will discuss your needs.

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