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landlord property insurance

Landlord property insurance

What is Landlord Property Insurance?

Landlord property insurance is a policy that meets the need of a home owner to insure a house where they do not live. The house could be let out, a holiday home or an unoccupied house.

What is covered by a Landlord Property Insurance?

Landlord property insurance has various sections

  1. The House: including landlord fixtures and fitting and outbuildings. Cover may or may not include accidental damage, but in any case will cover the specified perils - fire, lightning, explosion, Aircraft, escape of water, storm, flood, tempest, riot and civil commotion
  2. Contents in the House: This means the landlord's contents not the tenant's contents. Cover will be similar to that of the buildings but will also include theft and may also include theft by tenant and malicious damage by tenant.
  3. Public Liability Insurance: Covers the liability of the property owner for loss or damage caused by their negligence e.g. if a chimney stack collapses and damages a car.
  4. Employers Liability Insurance: Not every policy has this but will cover the landlord if they actually employ staff to look after the property

Additional covers may also be provided: the above are the ones found in a generic landlord property insurance.

What are the limits and exclusions of Landlord Property Insurance?

Each Landlord Property Insurance policy will have its own limits and exclusions. Some are fairly standard - such as nuclear waste, sonic bangs, and some forms of terrorism. The sections may have their own limits - e,g, theft by tenant may be limited to a fixed amount - typically 5,000 - similarly malicious damage by the tenant may be excluded or a limit (again 5,000) imposed under the policy. Pollution may also be excluded as well as any gradually operating cause. Policies may also have an inbuilt excess e.g. 75.00 - and specific excesses may apply for escape of water (typically 350) and subsidence/ heave and landslip (1,000). It is important to read the policy wording and IPID (insurance Policy Initial Document) to check on the limits and exclusions - or call us on our direct line 01388 607140 and we can advise you.

How do you obtain a cheap quote for Landlord Property Insurance?

A residential landlord can obtain a cheaper quote for landlord property insurance if they are willing to bear some of the cost of a claim themselves e.g. by taking an excess: our options are: 75.00, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500 and 1000 - with savings up to 30% on the premium (subject to a minimum policy premium). A small saving can be made by not accepting accidental damage cover on the house, or contents. Under no circumstances should a landlord reduce the sums insured to reduce the premium: it is vital that the house is insured for the full reinstatement cost (which is NOT the purchase price or valuation).

Click the Quote Picture below to obtain a cheap online quote and purchase the policy if required.

Click for your quote for landlord insurance Maximum buildings sum insured 1,000,000
Maximum contents sum insured 150,000

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Once obtained, your landlord property insurance quote whether for a home that is unoccupied, buy to let,  buildings, contents or whatever - it will not be possible to buy the  policy online - the information must be sent to us and we will forward confirmation, the appropriate provider key facts document and our terms of business. The initial disclosure document will be sent by email.

Multi Property Landlord Insurance

For landlords owning five or mor eproperties we offer our Multi Property landlord insurance contract with reduced rates, fees and easy administration.

Types of tenants that can be covered by landlord property insurance.

The premium depends in a large measure on the type of tenant that occupies the house. The following are specific examples - and can all be covered.

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Further Information

We offer quotes for residential buy to let property in the UK (London, England, Scotland and Wales) - whether in Birmingham, Glasgow, London or in more rural locations. We offer a range of policies for any type of client but only the one online one.

Once you obtain the quote for your property and have any queries about our cover or the provider then we can help you find the type of policy you need. Call us on 01388 607140

B. Portwood & Co Ltd are brokers that give advice about the policies we offer. This means that there is an obligation to ensure that a policy is recommended that meets your demands and needs. It also means that reasonable steps are taken to find out what those needs are.

This means, therefore, that although a cheap price is often a key feature in deciding the product wanted, there may be times the product that you have chosen is not the most suitable one for you- this would mainly be in the cover provided but may be for other reasons - e.g. for unoccupied property it could be that the insurer would impose a heavy cancellation charge. This is because a range of companies are available to us targeted at different requirements and by co-incidence a product targeted at one group comes up cheapest for another.

You can be assured, though, that full reasons will be given for the recommendation when the written confirmation is sent and we are only too pleased to discuss matters over the phone if you need clarification of any of the information that we have provided.

Payment of the premium will be required before we go on cover as well as the return of the proposal form, duly completed and signed - again if you have any queries about the information requested please feel free to contact us.

Once we have the form and payment (which can be made over the phone by credit card (for which a small fee is made)) or debit card, your landlords property insurance will be arranged and confirmation that you are on cover sent as soon as we have had confirmation. You must not assume you are on cover purely because you have sent the generated form to us.